Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

The continuing education (CE) requirement exists to ensure that naturopathic physicians in practice continually maintain their competency in all related course material necessary to the practice of naturopathic medicine in British Columbia. This enables naturopathic physicians to provide their patients with current professional naturopathic healthcare, and also serves to protect the public. It is also mandated under the College’s Bylaws.

Evidence-based measurement should be used where possible to assure desired competencies have been assimilated. This is consistent with the direction of health professions across North America focusing on Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives.

Registrants must complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education over each two-year CE period. The current CE period is January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017. All registrants must complete a minimum of five (5) hours in Category A and 15 hours in Category B. Registrants who hold certification in Prescriptive Authority must complete ten (10) hours in Category F. The remaining hours may be completed through any category. See below for details regarding each of the categories.

How to report and calculate your CE hours

Category A – Annual General Meetings

A required minimum of five (5) CE hours by attending the following meetings:

• CNPBC General Meeting (AGM/SGM)

• BCNA Annual General Meeting

• CAND Annual General Meeting

• Any other AGM of a provincial naturopathic regulatory body or association

• AANP Annual General Meeting

Category B – Educational Conference or Seminars

A required minimum of 15 CE hours from a conference or seminar offered directly by an official provincial or state association in a regulated jurisdiction, such as the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA), the Ontario Naturopathic Association (ONA), or one of the following national naturopathic organizations: the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) or the North West Naturopathic Physicians Association (NWNPA).

Conferences or seminars provided by other naturopathic organizations may qualify for Category C CE hours but do not qualify for Category B. Similarly, conferences or seminars approved or recognized by provincial or state naturopathic associations may qualify for Category C CE hours but do not qualify for Category B.

Balance of required hours

After meeting the minimum hour requirements in the Categories A and B, above, registrants may claim CE credits for the remaining 20 required CE hours from any of the categories that they choose as appropriate for their personal professional development needs. NOTE: Registrants who hold certification in Prescriptive Authority must complete ten (10) of these hours in Category F.

Category C – Seminars

Additional CE hours are available by attending the following seminars:

• Seminars sponsored by any other medical and professional organizations such as chiropractic, medical, nursing, psychology, acupuncture, etcetera;

• Nutriceutical and pharmaceutical company sponsored educational seminars; and

• Teleconference, web-conference, video and audio recordings of seminars, computer-based learning programs and all other distant-learning programs.

Registrants may claim Category C  CE hours for these seminars provided they meet the following requirements:

– No commercial bias or product placement;

– Every product mentioned is referred to in a similar manner throughout the presentation;

– Generic names are used in presentations whenever possible for all devices, laboratory tests, natural health products, etcetera;

– If a brand name is used, it is to appear after the generic name (e.g. in parenthesis).

Category D – Education, Service & Professional Development

The College accepts up to a maximum of 10 hours per CE period for the following Category D activities. Unless otherwise noted, hours are granted on the basis of one (1) hour for each two (2) hours of activity. When uploading these CE hours in the Registrant Online Self-Service (ROSS) system, registrants should submit a brief summary of the activity.

Teaching: offering courses or workshops to either the public or other professionals. (Summary should include details regarding the course name, date, and location.)

Service: serving on Committees or Boards of the College or the BCNA. (Summary should include details regarding which Committee or Board.)

Professional Development: attending courses related to personal and professional development including accounting, business, communication skills, financial management, leadership development, office management, public speaking, and related topics. (Summary should include details regarding the course name, date, and location.)

Preceptoring and Mentoring: offering preceptorship for a student or supervising another registrant as part of a mentorship program. Exception: hours are granted on the basis of two (2) hours per day. (Summary should include details regarding dates and timing, the general nature of the supervision or mentorship, and the name of the student or health professional.)

Category E – Certifications – For each CNPBC certification, registrants must successfully complete at least two (2) hours of relevant CE in the specified aspect of practice covered by the certification. The College is implementing a currency model under which registrants may be exempted from the above-noted CE requirements upon providing evidence of currency in the specified aspect of practice. More information is available in the Continuing Education and Forms & Resources areas of the ROSS system.

Category F – Prescribing Authority – Registrants who hold CNPBC certification in Prescriptive Authority are required to obtain ten (10) hours per 2-year CE period. When registrants complete the Prescriptive Authority training and obtain certification, they are not required to meet the ten (10) hour requirement until the following two (2) year CE period. Registrants taking the ten (10) hours in a single prescribing topic (e.g. bioidentical hormones) may only use that topic once and need to take other topics in the future. It is permissible to take the same topic again if it is part of a multi-topic prescribing review. ** A list of Approved Category F CE Hours is posted in the Registrant Online Self-Service (ROSS) system in the Forms & Resources folder. ** Note: These hours count toward the 40 hours total required every 2-year CE period.

Prior Approval of Category F CE Hours

The Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for reviewing submissions and making recommendations to the Board regarding the approval of content that satisfies the requirements of the Continuing Education Policy. Typically, requests are submitted by the providers of the course, conference or seminar, and registrants may want to contact the provider to obtain the required information. We request that all documents be submitted in Adobe PDF form to ensure that formatting is retained. Please note that, depending on the meeting schedules of the Quality Assurance Committee and the Board, the approval process may take 6-8 weeks. Submissions should be sent to Once approved, courses will be added to the list of Approved Category F CE Hours which is posted in the Registrant Online Self-Service (ROSS) system in the Forms & Resources folder.

Information for Submission – for Category F CE Hours

A cover letter containing the following:

  1. Date(s) & Location (if applicable)
  2. Name of course, conference or seminar
  3. Provider of course, conference or seminar (with contact information for point of contact)
  4. Website, if applicable
  5. Instructors (including professional registration and qualifications)
  6. Format (e.g. course, conference or seminar, in person, live webinar, recorded video)
  7. Number of hours allocated to each of didactic/theoretical and practical/hands-on training and, specifically, how many hours apply to prescriptive authority
  8. Method of verification of attendance (e.g. sign-in sheet for day, for each session; quiz questions for sessions attended online or by video)

Supporting documentation:

  1. Content overview: outline, agenda and any additional materials (if available)
  2. Sample certificate (to include: name of provider; name of course, conference or seminar; name of participant; total number of hours attended; date of successful completion; and, if there is room, name of course instructor(s))