Changing Class to Non-Practising

Registrants who change their registration class from full (practising) registrant to non-practising are refunded the prorated full (practising) annual registration fees for the remainder of the year ($150.83 per month) less the fee to apply to change to the non-practising class ($25) and the annual fee for non-practising registration ($200).

Non-practising registrants must not practise naturopathic medicine in British Columbia. Non-practising registration also does not entitle registrants to practise in any other jurisdiction. Non-practising registrants should always indicate their non-practising class of registration to avoid misleading the public.

IMPORTANT – If you are considering changing your class of registration, please be sure to review the information on the College’s website regarding How to Apply to Reinstate Registration with the College, which includes information about the CE requirements in the event you seek to reinstate your registration to the full (practising) class and how to apply to restore certifications. If you will be going on a parental leave, notify the College in advance and your reinstatement application process may be somewhat simplified as set out below.

Parental Leave Policy

The College’s Parental Leave Policy simplifies the process for applying to reinstate their registration from non-practising to the full (practising) registration class after a parental leave as follows:

  1. Because the applicant for reinstatement has not been practising naturopathic medicine during their parental leave, the applicant will be exempted from the usual reinstatement requirements of providing a notarized Statutory Declaration and letters of reference.
  2. The requirement to provide evidence of 40 hours of continuing education in the 24 months prior to the application for reinstatement is reduced to 20 hours for registrants returning from parental leave.

Applicants for reinstatement following a parental leave should contact the College for more information.

Reinstating your registration

Information for registrants who wish to return to practice in British Columbia may be found here.