I hope that you are well and enjoying some early spring weather. In December 2014, the College announced a number of new certifications that would become available. We trust that these procedures will further the mandate of the College in terms of both protection of the public and quality assurance.

Thanks to the work of the Quality Assurance Committee, and with input from the Scope of Practice and PDR (Pharmacopoeia, Diagnostic and Referral) Committees and support from College staff, the Board approved a group of Aesthetic Procedures Certifications. It was determined that these procedures were within the scope of practice for naturopathic physicians in BC, and the Board decided that requiring a group of certifications, with required training, would best protect the public. This ensures that those naturopathic doctors who choose to use aesthetic procedures within the context of their doctor-patient relationships meet required training standards.

Please see http://www.cnpbc.bc.ca/for-registrants/resources/certification-requirements/aesthetic-procedures/  for more information about the new certifications.

If you have questions about the Aesthetic Procedures Certifications, please  e-mail me at registrar@cnpbc.bc.ca, and we will try to get an answer for you as soon as possible.