Common Questions about Criminal Record Checks

Q/ How do I complete a Criminal Record Check?

Complete the government’s online eCRC process as follows:

  1. Go to the Criminal Records Review Program’s eCRC page
  2. Note: You are encouraged to use a home computer (not a tablet or smart phone), and IE Explorer has been identified as a preferred browser.
  3. Review the instructions thoroughly
  4. Enter the Access Code: 4BU98F6N6B
  5. Select “Request a New Criminal Record Check”
  6. When asked for “Position” enter “Registrant”

Q/ What do I do if I can’t complete the online eCRC process?

If you are unable to complete the online eCRC process, the system will indicate that you must submit a printed copy of the form. As explained on page 2 of the print out,  the College (the requesting organization) must sign the form after verifying your identity. Accordingly, in addition to sending the College the signed form, we require TWO copies of government issued photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification are set out on the “Identity Verification Before Criminal Records Review” page of the government website. After verifying your identity, the College will submit the form on your behalf.

Q/ Can I share the results of a completed Criminal Record Check that I did for another organization or regulator?

Yes, do so by following the instructions above for the eCRC process, and for step #5 select “Share the result of a completed Criminal Record Check.”

Q/ How long does the Criminal Record Check take to process?

Generally, the processing time for the Criminal Records Check by the Ministry of Justice is relatively quick through the online eCRC process, and can take up to 4-6 weeks’ time when completed by paper.

Q/ How often must I complete a Criminal Record Check?

Under the Criminal Records Review Act, professionals “working with children directly or having or potentially having unsupervised access to children in the ordinary course of employment or in the practice of an occupation” are required by the Ministry of Justice to undergo a criminal record check every five (5) years. This includes all registrants of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC.